Lancair ES

The Lancair ES is an American amateur-built aircraft that was designed and produced by Lancair. While it was in production the aircraft was supplied in the form of a kit for amateur construction. Production of the aircraft kit was ended in 2012.

Design and development

The aircraft features a cantilever low-wing, a four-seat enclosed cabin that is 46 in (117 cm) wide, fixed tricycle landing gear and a single engine in tractor configuration.

The aircraft is made from composites. Its 35.5 ft (10.8 m) span wing employs a McWilliams RXM5-217 airfoil at the wing root, transitioning to a NACA 64-212 at the wing tip. The wing has an area of 140 sq ft (13 m2) and mounts flaps. The aircraft's recommended engine power range is 210 to 310 hp (157 to 231 kW) and standard engines used include the 310 hp (231 kW) Continental IO-550 (Super ES) four-stroke powerplant. Construction time from the supplied kit is estimated as 2000 hours.

Operational history

By December 2011 90 examples had been completed and flown. At least two examples have utilized custom engine mounts to utilize the Lycoming IO-540 engine.

Specifications (Super ES)

General characteristics

    Crew: one
    Capacity: three passengers
    Length: 25 ft 0 in (7.62 m)
    Wingspan: 35 ft 6 in (10.82 m)
    Wing area: 140 sq ft (13 m2)
    Empty weight: 2,200 lb (998 kg)
    Gross weight: 3,550 lb (1,610 kg)
    Fuel capacity: 105 U.S. gallons (400 L; 87 imp gal)
    Powerplant: 1 × Continental IO-550 six cylinder, air-cooled, four stroke aircraft engine, 310 hp (230 kW)


    Cruise speed: 215 mph (187 kn; 346 km/h)
    Stall speed: 70 mph (61 kn; 113 km/h)
    Range: 1,400 mi (1,217 nmi; 2,253 km)
    Rate of climb: 2,000 ft/min (10 m/s)
    Wing loading: 25.4 lb/sq ft (124 kg/m²)